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Client Testimonials

“Nina took my legal issues and stomped them into the ground with a combination of legal expertise, a no-nonsense approach and a deep understanding of the issues facing a new business. Every time I hire Nina to make a problem go away, it simply disappears with her intervention.” – Lou Berger

“Nina is a smart, level-headed, and focused. She is consistent and tough, and at the same time always works within the realm of what is reasonable and in the best interest of both parties. She has an excellent grasp of the law. She has not only provided me with excellent legal guidance but has also been a great sounding board for planning purposes and while working out the details of an agreement. I appreciate having her knowledge on my side.” – Garrett Dilley

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Colleague Testimonials

“Nina is a smart, aggressive attorney who gives each client’s case the full attention and effort that client’s matter deserves.” – David Seserman, Partner, Brosseau Bartlett Lieberman, LLC (former colleague at Gorsuch Kirgis, and co-counsel on multiuple cases)

“Nina is a tireless and zealous advocate. I’d recommend her to anyone seeking knowledgeable and agressive employment litigation assistance.” – Dean Heizer, Partner, Litigation and Employee Benefits, Gorsuch Kirgis (colleague); now Partner with Heizer, Paul, LLC

“I had an amazing experience working for Nina in an intern capacity. She graciously allowed me an inside look at employment law and helped shape my educational and professional direction. I have recommended Kazazian & Associates to friends for legal advice and have heard only great reviews. As a former intern in her law practice and current friend, I respect Nina’s professionalism and character immensely.” – Keenan Alexander, Law Intern, Kazazian and Associates, LLC

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Exactly What I Needed: “Ms. Kazazian is exactly what I needed for an employment lawyer. She is knowledgeable in the field that I was looking for expertise and she has proven to be an asset.”

A Great Lawyer! “Nina helped me with a business contract for my consulting practice. She made sure that all my risks were mitigated, and that we used the clearest possible phrasing. By the end, I felt that the amended contract clearly expressed my business intents! She was very available, and we only needed 2-3 phone calls for various revisions.”

Great attorney who understands intentions: “It’s one thing to understand the law and help me to apply it, but Nina was able to quickly understand what my needs were in terms of the general structure of my contract, and all the risks and concerns that would come with it. It’s really easy to work with her because she knows what I’m trying to do from a business perspective, so we don’t waste time on things that don’t matter. Of course, she also does a wonderful job of making sure even particular phrasing and details are correct”

Amazing Contract: “I emailed Nina alot of documentation for my contract. She reviewed everything extremely fast and had a complete contract ready for me to review the next day. She is super quick. I would definitely use her services again in the future.”

Employment Practice Liability: “I utilized Nina’s services when I had questions regarding Employment Practice Liability with my business. She listened attentively to my situation, and gave me great advice that proved to be very helpful. I would highly recommend Nina.”

Hardworking, practical and knowledgeable: “This lawyer is the hardest working attorney I have ever worked with. She is a tireless advocate, extremely knowledgeable, and sensible in her approach to legal matters. And, her billing is incredibly reasonable. I have hired many attorneys through the years, and only with Ms. Kazazian did I think I was paying too little. And she got excellent results. Highly recommend.”

Excellent Responsive and Creative Representation: “We hired Ms. Kazazian to assist with an employment matter. She was very knowledgeable, personable, and provided a creative solution to our issue. We feel we got very good legal services for a very reasonable price. We will hire her again, and highly recommend her”

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“Excellent insightful legal services at a very reasonable price.”

“Ms. Kazazian not only provided excellent legal services, but has acted as our advisor in a range of issues we needed to address in starting up our business. Very knowledgeable, personable, and responsive. Excellent value, and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”

“I have personally observed her try a case, and she was excellent!”

“Ms. Kazazian provides excellent legal advice and counsel, and helped us identify several issues we had not known about. She has an excellent knowledge of the law and how to meet our business needs. Top notch service at a very reasonable price, and extremely responsive. Highly recommended.”